The Need for Boiler Repair to keep it working at Optimum Level



A boiler is a necessary investment for any home in areas that experience winter. In the United Kingdom, many boroughs experience record low temperature and boilers provide them the heat and warm water necessary for a comfortable and convenient winter. Due to its importance, every homeowner has the responsibility to ensure its safety and efficiency through annual inspection and servicing. Boiler servicing is not to be taken lightly as they reduce the need for expensive boiler repair. Even with the availability of the emergency plumber who will provide prompt boiler repair when necessary, there are routine tasks that every boiler owner must be familiar with.


  • A proper water level must always be maintained. High water can lead to carry over while low water levels can lead to the overheating of boiler heating surfaces. Both conditions can be very dangerous.
  • Boiler burners must always be in good operating condition to achieve efficient combustion. Burners require regular cleaning to prevent the fouling of the burner with deposits of carbon and non-combustible materials.
  • Correct temperatures and fuel pressure must be maintained for combustion efficiency.
  • The amount of feedwater makeup should be checked and maintained since any unusual increase would indicate a loss in the condensate return.
  • To help reduce the need for boiler repair, it is important to regularly check the feedwater pump, fuel oil pump and draft fans.
  • It is essential to record in writing any unusual changes such as steam load changes, stem leaks, low water levels in the boiler and out of the ordinary events.


Always remember that boilers can be risky if not given the proper care and attention. While it might seem complicated to check and look for signs of unusual changes, the manufacturer’s manual can guide you on these necessary steps. On the other hand, annual boiler inspection and servicing will provide you the peace of mind that your boiler is functioning well and you will not have any need for emergency plumber in the near future. However, it sad to note that many homeowners overlook the needs for boiler servicing and only realizes the lapse when the boiler breaks down.